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Centre for Urban Environment Research Awards

The Centre for Urban Environments (CUE) is a proud supporter of undergraduate research at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Every year, CUE allocates funding to ensure that students can pursue independent and cutting-edge research alongside leading scholars in urban environmental studies. This funding is provided on a competitive basis, with a total of two to four awards provided annually based on academic excellence, research experience and the fit between a student’s proposed project and CUE’s mission to be a leader in research, training, community engagement and policy on urban environments issues.

Total value of each award is $8,000.

Number of positions available: 3

Tags: Co-curricular Curricular Paid Unpaid

Offered: Summer (May 1 to August 31)

By: University of Toronto Mississauga

Student Eligibility Requirements:

Any full-time student registered at a Canadian university at the time of application Students do not need to be a citizen or permanent resident, but require legal work status in Canada Faculty supervisors must be based at UTM Learn more: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/cue/media/389/download?inline

Availability: Undergraduate Students

Research Type(s): Research Fellowships / Studentships

Location: Both

Hours Involved: Not Specified. CUE-URA students are expected to work under the supervision of their faculty mentors full-time (35h/week)

Application Required: Yes Student’s curriculum vitae detailing the students work, volunteer and extra-curricular experience and activities. 1. One page personal statement outlining why the student is well suited to the award, including a description of their past research experience and future goals 2. One page research proposal co-written by the faculty member and student 3. Student’s transcript. A screenshot or PDF printout of transcripts can be provided instead of an official transcript

Contact: cue@utoronto.ca