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Independent Study Courses

An excellent way to gain research experience is through an independent study course. Offered in the majority of programs, these courses allow upper-year students to conduct an extensive examination of the literature on a selected topic or perform laboratory and/or fieldwork in their area of study. Students must obtain the permission of the department and locate a professor who agrees to supervise them. Consult the course calendar or speak with your departmental advisor. https://utm.calendar.utoronto.ca/course-search

Tags: Curricular Unpaid

Offered: Dependent on the Independent Study Course.

By: University of Toronto Mississauga

Student Eligibility Requirements:

Review the specific eligibility criteria for the Independent Study.

How do you find an Independent Study? In the UTM Academic Calendar, navigate to your program of study. Generally Independent Studies or Independent Reading courses include “39X” or “49X” in their course code.

Availability: Generally students in 3rd or 4th year, who are identified as specialists or majors in their program of study.

Research Type(s): Independent / Supervised Study Courses (Research-Intensive)

Location: Dependent on the Independent Study Course.

Hours Involved: Independent / supervised study courses (research-intensive) may involve part-time or full-time hours and can last from a few hours to a number of days or weeks over the course of an academic term. The timelines vary and will be set within the specific course.

Application Required: Yes. You should apply well in advance and ideally at least one to two months before the start of the term.

Contact: Contact name and email found within the specific independent study.