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Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) Undergraduate Fellowships

The Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) Undergraduate Fellowship offers an opportunity for advanced undergraduate students who propose to conduct research on a topic in the humanities related to an annual, identified theme. These will be undergraduates, including those in humanities oriented second-entry programs, who are likely to go on to graduate school in the humanities. These students will also participate in an intergenerational community of fellows participating in a set of common activities, including weekly lunch seminars and other workshops and lectures.

Applications are accepted March and April for six residential fellowships. Undergraduate fellows hold carrels at the JHI, and research and write an Independent Study on a topic of their own choice under supervision by one of the year’s 12-month Faculty Research Fellows. A 1.0 FCE course credit for this Independent Study is awarded by each fellow’s home unit.

The faculty supervisor will be one of the four incoming 12-month research fellows, and the students will have the opportunity to learn about these people and select their preferred supervisor during the application process.

As part of the JHI Undergraduate Fellowships, students receive a $1,250 scholarship to offset course costs. Up to $500 is also available to each Undergraduate Fellow for research travel expenses, on request to the Director.

Tags: Curricular Paid

Offered: 8 month term

By: Jackman Humanities Institute

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Eligible undergraduates come from one of the following divisions: Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto Mississauga, University of Toronto Scarborough, the Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Information, or the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design and will be studying in a humanities or social-science discipline.
  2. In the year of the fellowship they will be registered full-time and will be in their third or fourth year of study.
  3. A cumulative GPA of 3.8 is required.
  4. Applicants must outline an independent research project to be undertaken during the year of the project that is relevant to that year’s Annual Theme at the JHI.

Availability: When applying, they should be approaching completion of their 2nd Year or 3rd Year; ideally they will be at the end of their third year and planning for graduate study, but this is not an absolute requirement.

Research Type(s): Independent / Supervised Study Courses (Research-Intensive)

Location: On-Campus

Hours Involved: Dependent on the research project that the student is pursuing. JHI Undergraduate Fellows produce a single-authored 40-60 pp research paper at the end of the academic year, and also present their research in progress to the other fellows.

Application Required: Yes

Contact: Dr. Kimberley Yates, JHI Associate Director