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MIE Summer Research Awards

MIE Summer Research Awards provides financial support in obtaining research work experience to help develop and inspire students’ potential for graduate studies and a research career in nmechanical and industrial engineering.

Tags: Co-curricular Paid

Offered: Summer (May-Aug)

By: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. MIE undergraduate students working with MIE professors.
  2. Cumulative average of at least B- (2.5/70-72).
  3. Registered as a full-time or part-time student.

Domestic Students; International Students.

Availability: All Years

Research Type(s): Research Fellowships / Studentships, Summer Research Programs

Location: Dependent on the research the student is participating in.

Hours Involved: Available to work full-time for 4 months (16 full consecutive weeks). The term begins May 1 and ends August 31.

Application Required: Domestic students should apply for NSERC USRA, and they will automatically be considered for the MIE Undergraduate Summer Research Award. International and First Year Students should apply for the MIE Research Awards only. Application materials include student application form, supervisor application form and academic history.