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Christabel Faylinn

Christabel Faylinn is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto Mississauga specializing in Biomedical Physics and minoring in Business, Science and Entrepreneurship. Christabel has had multiple research experiences including the Research Opportunity Program (ROP), the Chemical and Physical Sciences thesis course (CPS489) and received the University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)

Christabel’s research focuses on the effects of an antimicrobial compound (Photocaged B-Lapachone) on the growth and death of Bacillus subtilis biofilm with the Milstein Lab, and in collaboration with the Beharry Lab. Her research experience has not only improved her wet lab research and problem-solving skills, but also her communication skills. By participating in regular research group meetings, presenting her work at the Summer Undergraduate Research Fair, and preparing a manuscript for publication in an academic journal, Christabel has learned how to effectively communicate her research to audiences within, and outside, her field.

These experiences allowed Christabel to develop as a researcher and she looks forward to continuing her path in research by pursuing graduate studies.

Research Type(s): Independent / Supervised Study Courses (Research-Intensive), Research Fellowships / Studentships, Research-Directed Courses