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Academic Internships

Academic Internships are designed to supplement classroom learning with practical work-based experience. Upper-year undergraduate students can apply specialized knowledge acquired in their field through a 100 to 200-hour work placement for academic credit. While research might not be the focus of your entire Academic Internship, it will play a role.

Internship opportunities include:

  • Structured work experience related to a student’s program and/or career goals
  • Supervision by a professional in the field
  • Full- or half-year course credit
  • Experience that enhances a student’s academic, professional, and personal development
  • Excellent experience to include in a resume or CV Job search, resume writing, oral and written communication, and presentation skills development
  • Chance to explore career options
  • Networking

Tags: Curricular Paid Unpaid

Offered: See specific placement details.

By: University of Toronto Mississauga

Student Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility requirements vary. Students should visit the website to learn about specific eligibility requirements for the Academic Internship they are interested in: https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/experience/students/academic-internships

Availability: See specific eligibility requirements.

Research Type(s): Partnership-Based Experiential Learning

Location: Placements can be remote, in-person or hybrid, dependent on Government and University policies, rules, and regulations instituted in response to the changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

Hours Involved: See specific placement details.

Application Required: Typically an application is due in spring or summer.

Contact: Contact name and email found within the specific placement details. experientialeducation.utm@utoronto.ca