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Undergraduate Research at U of T

“Since we are Canada’s leading research university, and recognized internationally for our research strength in so many different fields, it only makes sense for us to leverage this most prominent and distinctive aspect of our identity when it comes to re-imagining undergraduate education.”

President Meric Gertler

Three Priorities: A Discussion Paper

Research is a hallmark of the University of Toronto. Our undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to engage with world-renowned faculty on research contributing to new discoveries and opening areas for future exploration. As they do so, our hope is that research opportunities inform our students’ future pathways by cultivating their capacity to be curious, self-reflective and resilient and by providing them a first-hand understanding of the incredible research taking place all around them at the University of Toronto. 

The Undergraduate Research Hub is a resource to support undergraduate students, faculty, librarians and staff, as they undertake research opportunities. It provides descriptions of undergraduate research opportunities at the University, considerations when you’re seeking out or participating in research opportunities and connections to offices for further support and exploration. While every student’s path through research is unique, there are opportunities to learn and build skills throughout.

Why is Research Important for Undergraduates

Undergraduate research experiences at the University of Toronto allow our students to:

  • apply knowledge, methods and / or theories within the field of study;  
  • learn and / or follow a methodology to collect and organize information, data or media; 
  • analyze and / or synthesize collected information, data or media;
  • disseminate knowledge and share research findings with the larger community;   
  • demonstrate an understanding of research results in the context of the broader literature in the field.    

As Leah Cowen, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, and Strategic Initiatives, shares, “research is stronger when everyone is welcome in our classrooms, in our labs, in our fieldwork and in our research partnerships.” We recognize that a diverse campus and a culture of inclusive research excellence is an essential part of our institution, and advancing these goals is a shared responsibility and ongoing process.


Conferences, Journals and Recognition

At the University of Toronto, our hope it to create a research community that encourages students to engage in research conversations and an exchange of ideas. While students have multiple opportunities to connect with this community, here they will discover opportunities to present their research findings at conferences, contribute to undergraduate research journals and receive recognition for their research accomplishments.

Undergraduate Research Explorer

The Undergraduate Research Explorer is designed to help you explore the diverse undergraduate research opportunities at the University of Toronto. This is a filterable tool that will allow you to learn about research programs and funding opportunities.

Types of Undergraduate Research at the University of Toronto

Below you will find a sortable overview of the types of undergraduate research at U of T. This resource will help you understand the breadth of research opportunities found at U of T. 

While the scope of research opportunities at U of T is broad and diverse, there are various ways to categorize the types of opportunities available. As students begin their undergraduate experience at U of T, they undertake more foundational opportunities to establish their understanding of research principles, approaches and ethics; continuing through their programs of study, students’ opportunities become more varied, and their understandings of research grow in complexity.   

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