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What is Research?

Research is a process of seeking, exploring and analyzing information to gain knowledge and answer specific questions. 

At the University of Toronto, every undergraduate student’s pathway through research is unique and varied based on: your research interests and curiosities, your approach to research and the ways in which you choose to participate. Indeed, what research means to you might look very different to what research means to your colleague sitting next to you in lecture. 

To help you navigate research opportunities, you will find a listing of the multiple research types that you will encounter at the University of Toronto. Each research type outlines different considerations as you determine your pathways for engaging with research.  

What does it mean to be a researcher?

It’s your research journey! From coursework to participating in an international research experience to undertaking a research fellowship / studentship, what it means to be a researcher is unique to you and largely up to the pathways and experiences you pursue. You can learn more about what being a researcher has meant to other U of T undergraduate students by reviewing their research stories.

Navigating the Undergraduate Research Hub

The Undergraduate Research Hub is designed to support you in navigating research opportunities at the University of Toronto. While each section builds on the previous one, you might find yourself at a place in your research journey where you’re ready to skip ahead. If you’re ready to look for specific research and funding opportunities, review the Undergraduate Research Explorer! If you already have a research opportunity, you might consider how to make the most of it. If you come across a research term, and are unsure what it means check out this glossary. Or if you have questions about intellectual property and research ethics, you may want to visit the Guidelines & Procedures

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