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Centre for Global Change Science Summer Undergraduate Intern Programme

The CGCS Summer Undergraduate Intern Programme pairs University of Toronto researchers in climate and environmental sciences with top undergraduate students interested in pursuing climate-change research. Students are encouraged to apply from fields such as forestry, geography, ecology and others to apply to work under the supervision of CGCS faculty who can be found under the “People” Section of the CGCS website: https://cgcs.physics.utoronto.ca/people/

Tags: Co-curricular Paid

Offered: The internship must last between 12-16 weeks and you must attend in person to present your research on the CGCS Research day.

By: Centre for Global Change Science

Student Eligibility Requirements:

Registered as an undergraduate student, students from other universities are welcome to apply.

Students are preferably studying in the fields that CGCS faculty are researching such as biology, earth science, physics etc. Students may not hold the CGCS Summer Undergraduate Intern Programme simultaneously with any other award (i.e. NSERC USRA, UTEA, or CGCS Award, etc.)

Availability: 2nd or 3rd Year Students

Research Type(s): Research Fellowships / Studentships, Summer Research Programs

Location: Dependent on the nature of the research project that the student is undertaking.

Hours Involved: Although your schedule will be discussed between you and your supervisor, the expectation is that this is a full time commitment.

Application Required: Yes

Contact: Fatima Ijaz