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Thesis Courses

An excellent way to gain research experience is through a thesis course. Offered in the majority of programs, these courses allow upper-year students to conduct a thesis on an approved subject under the supervision of any faculty member at the University of Toronto. The thesis provides students with an opportunity to conduct, document and experience engineering-related research as an undergraduate student. Students must obtain the permission of the academic unit for their proposed thesis topic and locate a professor who agrees to supervise them. Consult the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Academic Calendar or speak with an advisor in your academic unit. https://engineering.calendar.utoronto.ca/

Tags: Curricular Unpaid

Offered: Dependent on the Thesis Course.

By: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Student Eligibility Requirements:

Review the specific eligibility criteria for the Thesis course.

How do you find a Thesis course? In the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Academic Calendar, navigate to your program of study. Generally, Thesis courses include “499” in their course code.

Domestic Students; International Students.

Availability: Generally students in their 4th year, who have also obtained permission of their academic unit and faculty research project supervisor.

Research Type(s): Independent / Supervised Study Courses (Research-Intensive)

Location: Dependent on the Independent Study Course.

Hours Involved: Independent / supervised study courses (research-intensive) may involve part-time or full-time hours and can last from a few hours to a number of days or weeks over the course of an academic term. The timelines vary and will be set within the specific course.

Application Required: Yes

Contact: Contact name and email found within the specific independent study.