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Laidlaw Scholars Undergraduate Leadership and Research Programme

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Leadership and Research Program, or Laidlaw Scholars Programme, was established to help develop leadership potential among students at prominent institutions around the world. The core elements to the Laidlaw Scholars Programme include a research project, leadership training, leadership in action experience and network-building.

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme is aimed at full-time first entry undergraduate students currently in their first year and second year of study across all three campuses at the University of Toronto. New scholars pursue research in a topic of their choice (6 weeks) in the first summer of the program. In the second summer, Scholars put their newly developed leadership knowledge into practice in challenging environments. Scholars choose from a variety of options including joining a global expedition in a developing country with peers from each of the partner universities, working with an NGO on a project that has impact in the specific community of focus, and putting their research into action by planning and leading a change project based on their research findings.

Up to 25 academically strong, motivated students are selected annually.

Tags: Co-curricular Paid

Offered: 16 months. The Programme begins in the winter term of the first award year and concludes in the fall term of the second award year.

By: Centre for International Experience / Laidlaw Scholars

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. A first or second-year undergraduate student in your first program of study at the University of Toronto.
  2. Maintain full-time status for the entire duration of your enrolment as a Laidlaw Scholar. You must inform the program of any change in your status if selected.
  3. Studying in any of our three campuses.
  4. Enrolled in any fields of study and from any background.
  5. Remain in good academic standing throughout the program.

Availability: 1st or 2nd year

Research Type(s): Research Fellowships / Studentships, Summer Research Programs, International Research Experiences, Partnership-Based Experiential Learning

Location: On-Campus, Off-Campus in GTA, Off-Campus outside of GTA, International

Hours Involved: Full time work for the 6 week period of summer research, or Leadership-in-Action experience. 36 hours of leadership development throughout the year.

Application Required: Yes

Contact: Shraddha Prasad, Associate Director, International Student Experience & Global Fluency