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Research Excursion Program

The Research Excursions Program is a type of third-year course that enables experiential learning outside of the classroom — and often outside of Canada. The REP provides off-campus travel opportunities, locally and globally, between May and August, when students join an instructor’s research team while earning 0.5 or 1.0 academic credits.

REPs are subject to regular course tuition fees. There are no additional costs for travel and living expenses; these are paid by the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Tags: Curricular Unpaid

Offered: Summer (4 or 8 weeks)

By: Faculty of Arts & Science

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Are full-time undergraduate degree students in the Faculty of Arts & Science — St. George campus.
  2. Hold between 9.0-16.0 credits by the end of the April exam period.
  3. Are new to the world of Faculty-funded international opportunities. Your chances of being accepted into REP courses are lower if you have previously received funds through REP, International & Indigenous Course Modules (IICMs) or the Dean’s International & Indigenous Initiatives Fund (DIIF).

Availability: Students must hold between 9.0-16.0 credits by the end of the April exam period.

Research Type(s): Independent / Supervised Study Courses (Research-Intensive), Summer Research Programs, International Research Experiences

Location: Off-campus in GTA, Off-campus outside GTA, International.

Hours Involved: Dependent on the nature of the research that the student is undertaking.

Application Required: Yes

Contact: Experiential Learning & Outreach Support, Faculty of Arts and Science