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Angela Zhou

Angela Zhou is now a third-year student in the combined MD / PhD program in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. 

As an undergraduate student specializing in Pharmacology & Toxicology in the Faculty of Arts & Science, Angela had the opportunity to participate in a co-op program that took her to Harvard Medical School. There, Angela worked with world renowned researchers to develop novel technologies for type 1 diabetes therapeutics using stem cell derived beta-cells. 

As she emersed herself in an environment bustling with research innovation, Angela shared that she “realized the importance of possessing an inquisitive mind and that discoveries arise through consistent diligence and effort.” Throughout her internship, she was exposed to translational approaches and immersed in an environment bustling with innovations. To keep pace with the demands of a high impact research lab, Angela took initiative to communicate her progress promptly and effectively recalling that she “was consistently challenged to think critically when interpreting nuances in my results and analyzing the integrity of published literature.” 

Angela’s experience with translation research has motivated her to pursue medicine as a way to improve the clinical landscape and patient care. She hopes to work to establish a better rapport with patients to ensure she understands their insights into their health issues.

Research Type(s): Partnership-Based Experiential Learning