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Eric Yang 

Eric Yang participated in the Jackman Scholars-in-Residence (SiR) program researching musicians in Canada who arrived as refugees or immigrants from displaced countries during the Second World War. Although Eric is a third-year student specializing in Music Theory in the Faculty of Music, the SiR program taught him about research methodologies used in another field of study: history! 

Working closely with Professor Robin Elliott, Director of the Institute for Canadian Music, Eric learned about how to approach archival research. As Eric shared, it was initially overwhelming to consider how to “sort through the sheer amount of information available, both useful and not useful” to the project.  By working as part of a research team, Eric learned firsthand how historians extract relevant information to piece together a story in order to tell the story of these musicians’ lives. 

Eric notes the unique research experiences provided by the SiR program as it gave him the opportunity to write and research in a group setting and how to leverage teamwork to produce research results. In the future, Eric is hoping to publish some of his work in an undergraduate research journal to gain experience with the academic publication process.

Research Type(s): Summer Research Programs