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Hongzip Kim

Hongzip Kim participated in the Research Opportunities Program (ROP) in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Although specializing in Computer Science with a major in Statistical Sciences, Hongzip worked with an instructor in the Department of Physics on a project to better understand how instructors can summarize students’ end-of-year course evaluation responses. After students submit course evaluations, how could the Department summarize responses to glean valuable insights into their learning experiences? 

Utilizing his coding skills and Natural Language Processing methodologies, Hongzip was able to analyze a dataset consisting of 12,500 student responses. Following a detailed plan for analyzing the dataset, Hongzip and his research partner were able to code the data and create visualizations to highlight the patterns in student course evaluations. Taking their research findings, they then looked for opportunities to share their research findings with others, including the ROP Fall Poster Fair, the Undergraduate Research Fair in the Department of Physics and the Trinity College Undergraduate Research Conference. Having carefully documented their research process throughout, Hongzip and his research partner published their findings in IEEE Access, a multidisciplinary open-access journal. 

Throughout this research experience, Hongzip learned the value of being part of a collaborative research team. Having a research partner allowed Hongzip to talk through ideas and research challenges as well as share the workload. His supervisor supporting this research project also shared her guidance at critical junctures. Indeed, reflecting back on this experience, Hongzip shared:

“Working closely with the professor was a unique advantage of this research opportunity. In large classes, I initially felt intimidated to approach professors or participate actively. However, in this small group setting, I was able to open-up, engage more confidently, and communicate effectively during meetings. This newfound confidence extended into my regular lectures, prompting me to become more active in asking questions.”

Hongzip is continuing his interdisciplinary research and has worked on another ROP project with the Department of Political Science. He is currently seeking new research opportunities to explore different fields of computer science. Looking ahead, Hongzip plans to pursue graduate studies as the ROP solidified his passion for research and computer science. His advice to students considering research, “is not to hesitate when it comes to exploring new research opportunities, as it could potentially open new doors and unlock new passions and interests!”

Research Type(s): Research-Directed Courses