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Andreas Arzoumanian

Andreas is a third-year student in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, studying Engineering Science with a major in Aerospace and a minor in Engineering Music Performance.

Andreas participated in the Summer Research Exchange Program at the Arts et Metiers (ENSAM) in Paris, France. There he worked in a lab on a project titled, multi-material 3D printing and dynamical characterization of architectured polymers.

Andreas modeled and 3D printed small polymer samples of different sizes and material compositions, then measured their vibrational and torsional modes at various frequencies. To do this, he used an Anton-Paar rheometer– a machine that applies torsion at low frequencies and then analyzed the data. He also used Laser Doppler Velocimetry to vibrate the samples at higher frequencies. Andreas enjoyed learning how to separate tensional and torsional modes from a vibrating sample, and seeing how they differ at varying frequencies.

Through his research experience, Andreas learned “an enormous amount” about materials science. He learned how materials are classified, how to test them for specific properties and how to safely use potentially harmful products. One of the unexpected learnings for Andreas surrounded the research process and writing of results. As he shared, he learned the importance of reviewing and citing the existing literature: “If you ever get stuck,” you can refer to the literature as a guiding tool. Further noting, “Your work is just taking the next steps by building on the work of others.”

Working in a lab in France, Andreas learned how to navigate language barriers. While Andreas is fluent in French, some of his colleagues in the lab did not have the same French language skills. This sometimes led to challenges in the lab in engaging in deeper conversations, particularly when detailed- and technical- conversations were required about a project. This led to an opportunity to “bridge the gap” and act as a translator with his French- and English-speaking colleagues.

Andreas plans to complete his thesis in his fourth year. He looks forward to working on a project within the aerospace field and hopes to apply what he learned about materials  science from this experience into building airframes, or something similar.

Research Type(s): International Research Experiences